Writing Goals for 2019: Finishing First Draft, Book Cover, and Self-Publishing

In my previous blog post, where I talked about my current goals for 2019, I briefly mentioned some of the goals I wanted to achieve for my current work-in-progress “Forget Me Not, Father.” In a nutshell, The goal is to finish the rough draft and publish it this year. But I want to get more specific about the process I am thinking of doing as I work towards self-publishing my first book.

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My 2019 Goals – Car, House, Writing, and More

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, made a YouTube video, recorded a podcast, and even taken the time to work on my current work-in-progress. And there is a good reason for it. The last half of 2018 turned into a whirlwind of events that have made my life extremely hectic. Right now, I feel like there is a large clock hanging around my neck reminding me how much time I have before certain things happen. And so, I have a number of goals I will be completing in 2019, and will briefly talk about, in order to deal with some major changes in my life.

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Hunted Under the Light of the Moon (Rough Draft)

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Since it is October, I have been wanting to write something Halloween-themed. Then I remembered that I had written a rough draft for a short story about a man being hunted by a vampire. Now, I had written this a long time ago for a series of vampire novels I had conceived of. This particular story, however, was more of a standalone for the world that I had started to create and was more an exercise in trying to write a story that would convey dread and fear that happened to include a vampire which I titled Hunted Under the Light of the Moon.

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Knight Writer: Creating Dialogue for “Forget Me Not, Father.”

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So I know that I have been wanting to blog on a consistent basis, but that continues to elude me right now as life continues to throw curveballs at me. In episode 14 of the Knight Writer Podcast, I will talk about some of those problems but, for now, this is the companion piece to episode where I will talk about Creating Dialogue for “Forget Me Not, Father.”

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Knight Writer Podcast #10: The Library – Still Relevant for Writers

Aspiring author Sean D Knight discusses the importance of public libraries and how they are still a writer’s most valuable resource. Especially for new and struggling writers. Whether it is to research topics for your book, learn new things, or even to promote and sell your book.

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Back on the Blog Again

Right now I am in my third week at a new job where I lay down commercial tile and carpet for businesses. It has been an interesting experience to say the least, though a taxing one. The impact on my body has been immediate. Sore shoulders, stiff back, sore shins, and sore hands. The sore hands was not something I expected, which has made it even more of a pain to do any typing. Right now, as I adjust to the job, lack of free time, and the pain, I find myself so physically exhausted when I get home that I can not bring myself to do any writing.

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